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Deciding Plant Location and Factors Affecting Plant Location

The selection of the region where workers, materials, money, machinery, and equipment are brought together to establish a business or factory land in India is referred to as a plant site. Choosing an optimal site is critical; it should always maximize net benefit and reduce unit costs of production and delivery. Facility placement selections are critical because once a plant is placed at a specific site, the organization must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of that initial decision.

Organizations must evaluate a variety of considerations when deciding where to locate their plants, including the availability of workers, resources, money, machinery, and equipment. At the same time, plant placement considerations should include growing and developing facilities, proximity to the market, transportation facilities, fuel and power availability, water availability and disposal, and so on. There is no perfect technique of analysis or guarantee for determining the best site. However, thorough research and study might aid in increasing the likelihood of identifying the correct places. Looking for the best  Manufacturing Land Availability in India  ? Contact us at OneHub Chennai!

Criteria Influencing Plant Location

Selection of Region

The following factors must be considered while deciding on a location or area in which to build a plant

Availability of raw materials

Proximity to markets

Transport facilities

Availability of power, fuel, or gas

Water supply

Disposal facility for waste products

Climatic and atmospheric conditions

Availability of labour

The momentum of an established industry

Preference of outstanding businessmen and government subsidies

Some factory sites do not take the aforementioned criteria into account, instead of locating factories in a certain district or area in order to grow that area. It might be due to state government laws regulating employees, pollution and smoke control standards, industrial waste disposal rules, and so on.

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Township Selection

The following considerations should be considered while selecting a township

The availability of persons with the necessary expertise.

Competitive worker wage rates

Other companies that are complementary or supplemental in terms of raw materials, other input, labor, and skill necessary.

Low taxation and the lack of restrictive legislation.

A cooperative, pleasant, and cooperative attitude toward the industry.

Adequate living circumstances and standards, taking into account the availability of medical and educational facilities, housing, fire service, recreational facilities, and the cost of living, among other things.

Factory Location in a Big City

For obvious reasons like skilled labor and market accessibility for both raw materials and final goods, factories are generally located in and around major cities. Its benefits are listed below


The presence of educational and recreational facilities benefits children and employees' dependents

There are facilities for technical/industrial education and training for workers' children

Societies and clubs provide possibilities for discussion and the sharing of ideas for those who are interested.

All levels of skilled labor are available.

Repair, maintenance, and servicing facilities for different utilities abound.

Banking facilities for finance (loans, etc.) for the industry are accessible in the event of a need.

There are large product markets available.

Better transportation facilities for raw materials completed goods, and labor are available.

There are several comparable industries/plants in the surrounding region.

Workers and staff in housing facilities.

Nearby police and fire protection services are available.

Site Selection

The third phase is to choose the actual plant location, taking into account the following factors

The third phase is to choose the actual plant location, taking into account the following factors:

The location should be easily accessible by various forms of transportation as needed.

The location should be free of zone constraints, such as those imposed by railways or civil aviation.

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Current Plant Location Trends

Connectivity to Cities

Connectivity to Cities

Competition for Industrial Development

Appropriate Site Location

OneHub Chennai is ideally located 50 kilometres south of Chennai's CBD on Old Mahabalipuram Road, which has been otherwise known as the Chennai IT Corridor. Within a 50-kilometer radius, there are existing industrial hubs, state and national highways, seaports, international and domestic airports, and the National Railway Network.

OneHub Chennai has dual road access from Chennai's Central Business District (CBD). It is linked by two state highways, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and East Coast Road (ECR). Both the OMR and the ECR are four-lane highways that offer greater connectivity.

Factory Plant Building Design

Once a plant location has been determined, management's next issue is building design. A structure is planned and constructed to safeguard an organization's property and personnel. This fundamental aspect is frequently ignored while determining the requirements for building building

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