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South Indian Foods

Foods represent culture of the region. South Indian foods are the foods, which are popular well as traditional among the southern regions of India. South Indian foods includes the various delicacies of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka,Kerala, Tamilnadu - the southern states of India.

The top ten south Indian foods are,


 It's an Indian rice cake which is prepared with the fermented lentil and rice batter which is cooked in steam. It's the vital breakfast well as dinner which is easily digested and consumed on daily basis which can be home cooked also. It can be fed to babies and sick persons for their easy digestion. It's consumed with sambar, various chutneys and gravies.


This is prepared with fermented rice and lentil batter. This is known as Indian pancake which is crispy and it has numerous varieties like masal dosa, ghee roast, onion dosa, plain dosa, egg dosa and the list never ends. This is all time favourite for kids especially for their crispy ness and the shape of the dosa especially.

It's consumed with various side dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian.


It's the most traditional dish of South India. It is prepared with rice in a pasty form. Which can be prepared both in sweet taste well as spicy taste? It’s an Indian traditional dessert which is mostly served in temple too. The spicy Pongal is served with an urad dal vada (Indian donut) which is healthy and traditional dish.


It's famous Kerala breakfast dinner delicacy. Its prepared with coarse rice flour which is steamed n served with kadala curry, lamb leg stew, coconut milk, banana, pappadam, vegetable stew, chicken / lamb/beef stew gravies.


This is all time favorite, the most popular the most preferred, consumed by all ages. this dish is the most popular dish of South Indian delicacies. its prepared with rice including all the spices of India. This is loved for its flavour and aroma especially. It's of different types as per the preparation style of the regions. It can be prepared in vegetarian well as non vegetarian. It’s usually served with onion raitha, vegetable n non vegetarian stews or gravies.


It's prepared with all purpose flour which is kneaded well in several processes and cooked in hot pan or tawas with high flame and it's kinda crispy on top n soft inside and fluffy in texture which is served with mutton, chicken beef gravies which is most popular in street foods too.


It's prepared with rice and lentils with the mixture of ground spices which includes various mixtures of vegetables which makes the dish healthy and it's in pasty texture which can be fed to babies too. It’s another traditional dish of South Indian delicacies in vegetarian. it's best when combined with fryams and pappads especially.

Raggi Mudde

This is prepared with grounded millet flour which is traditional and of much healthy nutrient wise especially for diabetic people. It's a calcium rich dish which is very traditional in South India. It's best when served with peanut chutney, chicken or mutton gravy.

Chicken 65

This dish is a kind of starter well as side dish or main dish for those protein lovers or for those who are in diet. It's prepared with chicken marinated in spices mixture n then deep fried in oil which is crispy n aromatic. It’s a most popular street food too.


It's a traditional well as most popular healthy protein rich dish which is consumed mainly for breakfast n dinner. It’s prepared with soaked moong dal paste added with onion tomato curry leaves, jeera chilly, etc and served with various chutneys.

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