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How to market your business through Chennai notes

Who we are?

Chennai notes is an online business listing domain which helps many local businesses to be popular and have wider reach among local community. Several people who runs small, medium business are struggling to get more customers because they may not have enough marketing strategies and not be able to raise funds to advertise their products and services. In that case, business from one region may not be visible to other region customers.However, through this web application, we help the vendors who would like to secure their place in the fast-growing business market.

How do we support your business?

Even though you have sufficient business information, but it is relatively difficult to share those to customers at each time when they demand because, it consumes lots of time. Moreover, all the information is bounded within the certain boundary. To the extent, some vendors might be wondering how to widen the reach to have more customers?

Chennai Notes platform will break the illusion and made the process much easier by listing vendors business information such as name, telephone number, location, and other related information across multiple regions which could be accessed by numerous people without affecting their routine process.

How to register with us?

We do not let our customers to spend too much time of registration! The process is very simple, just click here for signup page.

Otherwise follow the steps below.

  • Type in any of the secured web browser.
  • Click sign-up for new vendor.
  • Provide necessary vendor information and then submit.
  • Click the account activation link which is shared through the registered email address.
  • Once the user account has been successful verified, you may proceed to log-in page.
  • Upon log-in, you can now add your business in the listing page and submit.

What will happen after listing?

Shortly after listing your business information, it will appear in our home screen under the chosen category. Since the information is adequate in the listing profile, the customers who come across your business listing page will have greater impact on your products and services. Thus, they consider becoming your valuable customers.

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