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Chennai Notes Business Listing Process

Not everyone in this world knows you and your business. Even though in many circumstances, the people whom you communicate may turn out to know you, but not your business. So, it is difficult to reach unknown customers from different location. The only way that you can expose your business to nook and corner is through “somebody” referring your business to others. Here, we act as “somebody”. We collect sufficient information from vendor and list their profile in our website in an organized manner. Through this process we help vendors to be identified globally.  By including your own business in this public domain, you can increase customer traffic and build a reputation that will lead to higher sales. When internet users search for a product or service, the results that come up on our first page of the search are local listings. 

How to register with Chennai Notes?

1. Log on to in any of the secured web browser.
2. Click sign-up for new vendor.
3. Provide necessary vendor information and then submit.
4. Click the account activation link which is shared through the registered email address.
5. Once the user account has been successful verified, you may proceed to log-in page.
6. Upon log-in, you can now add your business in the listing page and submit.

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